Turn your home into a Campus

Our goal is to give every student the tools they need to excel in maths and fall in love with numbers.

We have got your back

Being a parent isn’t easy. You always want the best for your children, especially academically. Unfortunately, we often don’t have the time or knowledge to help them. Maths Campus is here to change that and take schooling to another level.

We offer a personalised experience to every student allowing them to focus on areas they are struggling with or move quicker if they already have the knowledge. The system will lead you and automatically create a learning path for your kids. Through the customised dashboard, parents can track their kid’s progress to make sure they are on the right track.


Can I see how my child is doing?

Maths Campus gives parents detailed access to their children’s reports to assess their performance. You can access it any time you want for any particular section of the curriculum. It will allow you to better understand your children’s journey and support them for further improvement.

How will Maths Campus help my child?

Maths Campus is a great addition to regular schooling. It allows students to check their knowledge on the material covered, fill in the gaps if there are any, and better prepare for their tests. Our platform eliminates the pressure many have while having to solve problems directly in front of their peers, creating an environment where they can be their best selves.

But what if my child doesn’t like maths?

We believe it is all about how we show it to students. We have seen students who once didn’t like maths excel soon after. The reason why many students struggle with maths is often how they perceive the subject. We believe that with the right tools, this perception can be changed to help them achieve outstanding results.